The White Raven
Basic Information
Title Prophet of Millenia
Faction Neutral
Rank Leader of The Feathers
More Information
Age unknown
Birthplace unknown
The White Raven is a mysterious prophet who has never shown his face. His Feathers are servants who deliver messages to those who can change their fate. These messages are always delivered along with a single white raven feather.


As The White Raven has never shown his face, there is no description of him available. His followers, the Feathers, wear robes covered in white and grey feathers, and ceremonial raven masks.


The White Raven's messages never explain the full situation, they simply pronounce forseen facts or orders. Sometimes they are cryptic, but most often they are short direct commands. In dire situations, a Feather will show himself and give the message personally, they do not say anything apart from what the message is. A few people have tried to kill the Feathers, but they just disappear in a cloud of feathers, the people who attempt this always meet their end by some kind of accident.


Letters with white feathers have been appearing for thousands of years, the first one dating back to circa -2300 DR, though it is believed that the White Raven himself did not come into existance until a long time later. The Feathers appeared for the first time in 211 DR. They appear so rarely that Epsilon and the Harpers have recorded every known sighting.

Year Location Target Note
211 Heldon, Athalantar Elthryn Told Elthryn to court Amrythale
229 Hastarl, Athalantar Eladar the Dark Made the rogue visit a temple
690 Thay, Eltabbar Maris Kalorn "Killed" the feather, trampled by slaves after 1month.
813 Cennuroth Silec the Secret Told Silec how to prevent the death of his lord.
1052 Ched Nassad Takk'alar Mizztil "Killed" the feather, fell off the web after 1year.
1307 Menzoberranzan Zaknafein Do'Urden Unknown message
1346 Starmantle Grein Dragonbeard Send your agents through my portal. A crystal was supplied to cast the portal through. And a location.
1379 Mezro, Chult Yohan Warned him to leave before Mezro was destroyed.
1425 Memnon Tosh Firka Told him to break Yohan out of jail.
1488 That-Place Keradfespik The Feather told him to stop chasing down Bruslina, this caused him to rage out, and he bagan drinking.
1540 Zhentil Keep Malus Korsila Told him when to strike against a Thay force.
1571 That-Place Grakk Told him not to go to Neverwinter Wood. Grakk ignored the message and got captured by Everbloom.

It is believed that the White Raven himself was born around the time of the Cataclysm as his messages and Feathers became alot more active after this event.